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Demon Hunter Stats Guide

Dominate Diablo 3 from normal through inferno! There is no reason you can’t be the best Demon Hunter!

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Content is up to date as of patch 1.03

Demon Hunter Stats Guide

The demon hunter is a unique class in the Diablo 3 universe. It is the only class with two different types of resources to use towards skills. It is also the only ranged class currently in the game. Personally I have always enjoyed playing ranged classes in these types of games. In Diablo 2 my favorite class was the Amazon, and the demon hunter definitely pulls from that character archetype.

The two demon hunter resources are hatred and discipline. Hatred can be regenerated over time or also increased by using certain skills. Like most classes a lot of the bread and butter skills come down to balancing regenerating skills along with resource depleting skills. The cool thing with the demon hunter is also their ability to be very defensive depending on how much discipline you have.

So you are thinking about a playing a demon hunter? Well let me give you a run down on the stats you are going to want to have while going from 1 to 60 as well as progressing through the acts on inferno difficulty.

Main Stats

Dexterity – Increases damage, and dodge chance. 1 dexterity = 1% damage
Vitality – Increases life. 1 vitality = 35 health
Strength – Increases armor. 1 strength = 1 armor
Intelligence – Increases all resistances. 10 intelligence = 1 resist all

Main Stats for Demon Hunter

Demon Hunters, Dexterity, and You

Like most ranged classes since the dawn of the dungeon crawlers and MMOs, dexterity has always been an important stat. Dexterity for demon hunters is one of the main ways to gain damage. Currently demon hunters gain 1% damage for every point of dexterity. This means that the high you stack your dexterity the higher damage your skills will do. Dexterity also increases your dodge chance, which means classes like the demon hunter and monk should have a pretty high percent chance to dodge.

This means that whenever you are looking at a new piece of gear, basically, you want to strive for gear that has dexterity on it, and then factor in the other skills. Currently some of the best ways to increase your damage is to grab gear with dexterity, critical hit chance, critical hit damage, and increased attack speed on it. I will explain these other stats further on in the guide. The key is to work towards reaching certain plateaus with these other stats and then fill in the rest of your character with a lot of dexterity.

Vitality, and Why You Need it

When Diablo 3 first was released a lot of demon hunters found vitality to be somewhat of a non needed stat. I should preface by saying that was really only noticeable in Inferno difficulty. From normal through hell vitality was an important stat because it meant you could survive multiple hits from enemies and allow yourself time to use your defensive skills to keep monsters at range. In inferno this changed because you could stack a lot of vitality but normally this would cause your damage to slip and you would still be getting 1 or 2 shotted by monsters anyways.

With the current state of the game monster damage in inferno has been decreased, this means that vitality is now actually a viable stat as being able to take 4-5 hits especially when soling and against bosses can mean the difference between getting loot and being dead.

As with most classes your best bet is to try and find gear with dexterity as well as vitality on it. From there you can find some of the more damage increasing stats as well. Ill be honest it was no fun being 1 shot by all the mobs in act 2 inferno. Once I started to stack a little bit of vitality as well as all resistance I was finding that not only was I still able to do obscene amounts of damage, but I could also take a few hits and get away as well.

Vitality is mostly important for attacks you will not be able to dodge, or are very hard to dodge. Such as boss abilities, and champion affixes like mortar. Also with all demon hunters you wil quickly find that reflects damage is the bane of our existence. There is no other champion affix that will hit you harder then reflects damage, especially if you only stack damage increasing stats with no vitality.

To give you a quick idea, here is a scenario that you can base your dexterity/vitality stat allocation on. If I find a chest piece with 80 dexterity and 60 vitality, and I find another with 100 dexterity and 40 vitality, I will most always take the one with more dexterity. Now of course in inferno you will be factoring in a lot more gear related stats, but if we are talking abotut normal through hell, damage will always win out over survivability.

Currently act 1 inferno you can survive depending on your build with as little as 20k health. It will be hard but it is doable. Now if you can sacrifice a little damage to increase your health pool to say 30k, you will notice a huge difference. Now of course vitality really isn’t everything in inferno especially if you don’t have any all resistance gear.

Why Should You Care About Strength?

Strength just like armor seems to be an overlooked stat when it comes to demon hunters, but honestly it shouldn’t be. Now I am not saying to go out and gear up your demon hunter with high armor high strength items, but if you find a piece with dexterity/vitality/strength don’t think it as a bad thing. They key to this game and gear is balance. It will take years before you have the luxury of having the best items and not needing to stack any strength.

One of the ways I died the most in inferno came from melee attacks. Now you may think hey, but you are a demon hunter shouldn’t you always be at range? While that is true, in the heat of battle you cant always count on being far away from your enemies. Especially when you deal with things such as vortex or extra speed affixes. Strength is going to increase your armor pool, which in turn will increase your physical resistance.

The key is to know, that while strength is not the perfect stat for demon hunters it can still come in handy quite often. Never down play a piece of gear you find just because it has a little strength on it.

Intelligence is for Casters

Just like strength intelligence can have its uses in the demon hunter scheme of things. Now while intelligence will never stack and be as worthwhile as a gear with pure all resistance, it can still help to fill holes in your defensive armor.

With how important all resistance gear is for all classes, as you can probably imagine a lot of gear with dexterity, vitality, and all resistance can be fairly expensive. This is because monks really benefit from the all resistance. With the class being melee, they need as much of it as they can get to mitigate damage. This means that most likely gear with dexterity/vitality/intelligence on it is going to be a lot cheaper then gear with all resistance on it instead of intelligence.

Just like strength don’t think a piece of gear is worthless because it has intelligence on it. Figure out whats best for your economic situation and survivability and build from there. Remember that 200 intelligence will equate to 20 all resistance. Which could sometimes be the difference between paying a little bit for a nice piece of gear, or a lot for the same thing with just the name all resistance on it.

Final Thoughts on Main Stats

What you need to realize about Diablo 3, is it is a gear driven game. There are going to be a lot of good pieces of gear and a lot of bad pieces. The key is balancing the stats to what is important to you and what you can afford. Remember you may be able to find a bow millions of gold cheaper because it has 200 vitality on it and no dexterity. But in the same regard by saving that gold you might be able to buy cheaper armor pieces with less vitality on them but more dexterity. It’s about finding what works best for you.

When you reach inferno you will realize the gear you have that gets you through act 1, may not be good enough to get you through act 2 and inward. Always be on the lookout for upgrading and re-balancing your stats based on what you need. Stats will be just as important build wise as the skill/talent build you use. Also remember your builds may change based on your stat allocation as well.

Secondary Demon Hunter Item Stats

  • Critical Hit Chance
  • Critical Hit Damage
  • Increased Attack Speed
  • Increased Skill Damage
  • Chance to on Hit (Knock-back, Freeze on hit, etc.)
  • Movement Speed
  • All Resistance

Critical Hit Chance

With the nerf of increased attack speed on items critical damage is now more important then ever for demon hunters. A lot of the good demon hunter gear can have up to 5% chance to critically hit. When stacked you can raise your critical hit chance fairly high. Your critical hit chance can also be inflated to up to 100% by the sharpshooter passive.

Currently some of the most expensive and most sough after demon hunter items will have a combination of critical hit chance as well as critical hit damage. Personally I would try and mix in a few items with increased attack speed as it makes kiting easier.

Some demon hunters have found with increased critical hit chance around 30% and a large critical damage increase that they can be up in the high 100,000 in terms of dps. Athene at one point was at about 169,000 damage per second. There are actually quite a few videos online of demon hunters with this high of dps killing champions and bosses in less then 5 seconds.

This stat is nothing to scoff at you and you should defiantly focus on stacking this stat. It never hurts to have more critical hit chance.

Critical Hit Damage

The cool thing about the critical hit damage increase stat is that it can be stacked fairly high. I have seen a lot of gear with 40-50% on it. If you think about that you could easily be critically hitting for 2x as much as you are now with just say 2 pieces of this gear equipped. Also if you factor in skills that add to critical hit damage as well such as impale runed with grievous wounds you can hit REALLY hard.

By stacking critical hit damage you are using the quickest way to increase your damage hands down. Especially with AOE style attacks like elemental arrow, the insane critical hit numbers you can lay down on scores of mobs is awesome. I am currently building my demon hunter to be at about 2 attacks per second from Increased attack speed, and then finding as much gear as I can with increased critical damage.

The goal with your demon hunter should be to kite and blow champions up. Besides their is nothing more satisfying then watching a monster melt and lose health in large chunks by critically hitting over and over doing over 200,000 damage a hit.

Increased Attack Speed

Before the nerf patch of 1.03 this stat was a godsend for demon hunters. I was able to reach about 2.70 attacks per second by stacking increased attack speed. This as well as movement speed made kiting all mobs really easy. The increased attack speed allowed me to fire almost 2x more attacks per second then without it obviously.

With the nerf it will take a lot more items with attack speed on them to reach this. That is why it is now more important to stack critical hit damage and hit percentage. Increased attack speed is still good and I personally think it is best to aim for about 2 attacks per second. This will allow you to in a sense double your damage. When you combine this idea with the fact that you will be kitting and staying at range with most mobs its just common sense that you want increased attack speed.

Currently there are a few good items with both increased attack speed and movement speed on them. Most of these are going to be sets or legendaries, but I have taken these with a little less dexterity on them to reach my attack speed and movement speed goals.

Increased Skill Damage

There are a few items that currently increase the damage of certain skills. Some of these affixes are actually pretty good. The problem is that a lot of items with these affixes on them have pretty bad stats otherwise. Just be on the lookout for items with these different skill damage bonuses depending on the skills you currently use. A 5% damage increased to a skill you use often is nothing to laugh at, especially if you have a hit critical hit chance as well as high critical hit damage.

List of Skills that can receive +damage

  • Hungering Arrow
  • Bola Shot
  • Evasive Fire
  • Entangling Shot
  • Grenadier
  • Cluster Arrow
  • Rapid Fire
  • Spike Trap
  • Elemental Arrow
  • Impale
  • Multishot
  • Chakram
  • Strafe

As you can see there are quite a few great skills that a lot of demon hunters will use. As well as having good options there are also some pretty crappy options. One of the bonuses to Natalya’s chest armor is a +increase in skill damage. If you have the gold I would look for a piece with a skill you will use. Although a lot of the cheap ones will have +strafe damage on it, which honestly is worthless. You might as well not even have the stat on the gear.

Chance on Hit

When I first hit inferno I didn’t really focus on any of these bonuses. That was a mistake, a lot of the chance on hit skills actually proc quite often and are really good. Different pieces of armor can have different chance on hit abilities. So while you can’t stack say a high percentage of chance to freeze on hit, you can still stack 3-4 of these skills at 5% each and cause yourself to cause one of these status ailments quite often.

You can see below a list of some of the better chance on hit abilities:

  • Life on Hit
  • Fear on Hit
  • Stun on Hit
  • Blind on Hit
  • Freeze on Hit
  • Immobilize on Hit
  • Knock-back on Hit

The list is not all of the chance on hit affixes but you can see that if you were to have 2-5% of some of these on each item how it would add up. All of the above procs really benefit the demon hunter class, especially the ones that will cause the mob to be immobilized or frozen. Any time you can get a large gap in between yourself and a champion or unique the better.

Movement Speed

For some reason a lot of demon hunters and other classes forget about this item stat. Personally I saw a huge increase in my survivability when I had this raised. It also allows you to get through content faster as you will always be moving at a fairly fast increased clip.

On boots this stat is a must. There is no reason as a demon hunter who needs to kite that you should skip having this stat on your boots. It also allows for some of the higher % to move. The other way to increase your movement speed will be with legendary and set items that are not boots. Currently that is the only other way to stack this skill.

I have bracers and a chest that have increased movement speed on them, and I can keep almost any champion pack at a distance from me. Using a fast movement speed type build that includes entangle shot allows me to hardly ever get hit. Remember the most important piece of being a demon hunter, always keep things as far away from you as possible. We are considered glass cannons for a reason.

All Resistance

All Resistance is one of the more important defensive stats currently in Diablo 3. Not only does it increased your elemental damage resistances, but it will also increase you physical resistances. This means all resistance is more important then armor. Now I do not recommend you stack a bunch of gear with say just dexterity/vitality/all resistance but I wouldn’t not use items with it on it either.

I have found that in act 1 of inferno around 250-300 all resistance means I can survive quite a few strikes before I need to potion. Mix that with the fact that I am always slowing mobs a swell having increased movement speed, and this means I can solo all of the content.

The most important reason for increased all resistances is going to be moves that are really hard to dodge, such as boss attacks and champion affixes like mortar, desecrate, arcane, etc…

If you can afford it, a demon hunter with high damage and about 500 all resistance should be able to solo anything in inferno. Now while other classes need about 900 all resistance demon hunters have enough skills and abilities to not need to stack this high. I would aim for a more glass cannon type build over a defensive one in inferno.

Best Way to Increase Demon Hunter Damage

Diablo 3 has a very basic way of showing and telling you what will increase your damage, I am going to break this down for you so that you can factor in the multiple variables to increase your damage in the best way possible.

So as an example let us say we have a weapon that does 100-200 damage, forget about its dps for this moment. Now if we take a skill such as evasive fire. Let us say that evasive fire does 100% weapon damage, This means evasive fire will hit for 100 – 200 damage.

Now if we add dexterity into the equation we find that every 1 dexterity adds 1% damage. So if we have 200 dexterity that will increase our weapon damage by 2x. Meaning we are now hitting for 200 – 400.

So as you can see it is very beneficial to balance both a high damage weapon and dexterity. It would be worthless to have 2000 dexterity and a 50 – 100 damage weapon compared to 1000 dexterity and a 200 – 400 damage weapon.

This is why most people will see the best increase of pure damage based on the min and max damage of your weapon. Remember the dps stat is just to give you an idea of how good a weapon is, but it is not as important as the min – max damage of the weapon.

The reason for this is we have to figure out a weapons speed to see why the dps is lower or higher. A slower weapon will have a better min – max damage which is a good thing, especially if hatred depletion is an issue for you. A faster weapon will drain your hatred more quickly, which can be good if you have a good build to regenerate this.

In inferno I have found it a lot better to use a 2 handed crossbow or bow, compared to 1 handed crossbows. This is because I am able to shoot off really strong attacks at about 2 attacks per second instead of weaker attacks that come out faster. Remember most of your damage comes from hatred depleting skills, so the more hatred you have the better.

Also a quick note that unlike Diablo 2, elemental damage in Diablo 3 is affected by dexterity. Meaning skills that add elemental damage, are also having that damage modified by your dexterity. So unlike Diablo 2, the reason for elemental damage is not to be certain type of immune monsters but to add even more of increase to your damage. Also different elements cause different effects. As an example fire elemental damage can cause AOE damage.

Dominate Diablo 3 from normal through inferno! There is no reason you can’t be the best Demon Hunter!

If you want to dominate Diablo 3 and impress everyone check out the Inferno Codex Diablo 3 Strategy Guide.

Stay up to date on the newest and greatest skill and rune combinations that will have you farming Diablo 3 with ease. Find the best gear and make some money on the real money auction house before the prices fall.

Click Here to Get the Inferno Codex Guide Now!

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